KALC Community Award Recipients

Who would you like to see receive a community award for their volunteer work in Newnham? Let us know via the contact page.

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David Buckett and Bruce Leckie (2022)

Claire And Dave

Claire and Dave Elliott (2021)

Newnham Parish Council were delighted to present the 2021 KALC Community Award to Dave and Claire Elliott, licensees of The George Inn Newnham, in recognition of all they have done for the community in the past year. At the start of the pandemic they opened a shop which enabled villagers to obtain basic necessities and offered takeaways, providing a delivery service for those unable to leave their home.

Sue and Jeff Kirby​ - 2019

We finally caught up with Sue and Jeff at this year’s Newnham Fete, what an elusive pair they are!  The KALC Community Award was presented for their voluntary work in the community, not least for Newnham Village Hall.  They also set up the monthly social gatherings and are always willing to offer their help for anything.

Val Buckett 2018

Val Buckett - 2018

Val Buckett was the third victim, sorry recipient, of the KALC Community Award in May 2018.  Presented by Reverend Steve Lillicrap at the Annual Meeting of the Parish

Sue Gunner 2017

Sue Gunner - 2017

Sue Gunner was awarded the KALC Community Award at Newnham’s annual Summer Fete in June 2017.  The Award was presented by the Mayoress of Swale, Mrs Pamela Prescott.

Charlie and Edna Clark - 2016

May 2016 saw the presentation of the KALC Community Award by the parish council for the first time.  It was appropriate that Charlie and Edna Clark should be the first to be bestowed this honour.  Presented by Reverend Richard Birch at the Annual Meeting of the Parish

Charlie Edna 2016 1
Charlie And Edna 2016 2
Charlie And Edna 2016 3